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Masterclass portrait photography

A powerful portrait must connect the viewer to the subject and emotion. Beyond the necessary technique and timing, observation and empathy are vital for impact. Brendan is focussing in his Masterclass Portrait Photography on all these essentials.

If you love people and capturing the essence of their personality, then a masterclass might be something for you. 

For beginner and intermediate portrait photographers there is a one full day Masterclass available upon request and availability. The group size is usually around ten people, condensed enough to get personal attention and large enough for interesting interaction.

You will have the chance to photographs character model and work with a professional team and lighting equipment. Please use the contact form to raise your interest and we will do our utmost to try to group and match the masterclass location and required material.

1-Day Masterclass, intermediate level

• Portrait clients, who are they?
• Conceptualising your ideas/clients’ ideas
• Booking stylists, models, hair & makeup
• Which digital formats are required
• Which lights meet your needs
• Equipment for adapting to different locations
• Working to tight time constraints
• The benefits of being open-minded
• Directing subjects
• Preparing a portfolio

• Choosing the right cameras/formats
• Live portrait shooting
• Brief introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Brendan is active and proud ambassador for Sony cameras, Profoto lighting gear and has a collaboration with Eizo.

Those brands are known for it's leading technologies in imaging and lighting and provide photographers the freedom to focus on creativity.

Besides the Masterclasses, Brendan is organising Portrait photography and Studio Lightshaping workshops for those vendors on a regular basis.
Check their website for the latest initiatives.